The Obstacle Course

4 min readMar 25, 2021

One day Tiger was going for a walk. While Tiger was on his walk he met Zebra. Zebra told Tiger that she had made an obstacle course, and she invited Tiger to come and try it out. Tiger was curious to see the obstacle course and he went to take a look. Zebra took Tiger to a large field and said she made the obstacle course there. Tiger looked around and was impressed.

The start of the obstacle course was between two trees. There was a large net that Zebra had tied between the trees, all the way to the ground. And she told Tiger to try and climb up the net to the branches. Tiger started climbing up, and it was a bit tricky, but he was able to reach the top. Then Zebra said there was a pole to hold and slide down to the ground.

Tiger jumped onto the pole, and slid back down to the ground. Next was crossing the pond. Zebra had put some large rocks in the pond, and they were sticking out of the water. She told Tiger that he had to use go across the rocks, to reach the other side. Tiger walked up to the edge of the pond and looked at the nearest rock. He decided to jump from rock to rock.

He leaned back and jumped forward, and landed on the first rock. Then he saw the next rock in front of him. Tiger bent down, then jumped forward and landed on that rock. Now he was near the middle of the pond. He could see another rock in front of him, but it was further away. Tiger jumped forward but the next rock was too far away. He landed in the pond and swam back to the edge.

Zebra said there was another way to go across the rocks, besides just jumping. Tiger looked around to see if there was anything he could use. He saw a pile of long wooden boards. And he wondered if he could use those. Tiger picked up the first wooden board, and put one side on the edge of the pond. Then he leaned forward and put the other side of the wooden board on the first rock.

Now Tiger had a small wooden bridge between the two rocks. Tiger carried another board and walked across his little bridge. He put the next wooden board across the first and second rocks. Then he walked back and picked up another wooden board. And he put that across the second and third rocks. Now Tiger was able to reach the third rock which he couldn’t do before when he was jumping.

Tiger went back and picked up another wooden board and carried it to the third rock. He put one end of the wooden board on the third rock and leaned the other side of this wooden board on the other edge of the pond. Now Tiger could walk across the pond, on the rocks and wooden boards. Zebra said Tiger did a very good job.

Then there was one more challenge. Zebra had marked two spots on the ground, a short distance apart. She told Tiger to stand on one spot. Then she gave Tiger a spoon. Next Zebra put an egg on the spoon. She told Tiger that his challenge was to walk from one spot, to the other spot, without dropping the egg.

Tiger tried to run from one spot to the other, but the egg fell off the spoon and cracked on the ground. Then Tiger went back to Zebra to get another egg. This time he held the spoon very carefully, and took small steps. By walking small step after small step, Tiger was able to hold the egg on the spoon, and walk to the other spot. Zebra said Tiger did a very good job and he would get a prize.

Tiger asked what the prize was. And Zebra said the prize was a surprise. Zebra held out a bag, and Tiger reached inside it. He pulled out some more eggs. Tiger asked what the other eggs were for. Zebra said his prize was to have dinner with her. Zebra said they could make some egg salad together. Tiger said that sounded like a great idea. They went to Zebra’s place and she said she would boil the eggs.

Zebra took out a pot, and filled it with water. Then she put the pot on the stove and turned it on. When the water was boiling she put the eggs in the water. After a few minutes, she turned the stove off. Then Zebra took the eggs out of the pot of water and let them cool down. Tiger cracked the eggs and took the shells off.

Then Zebra cut up some celery and put it in a big mixing bowl. Tiger put the boiled eggs in the mixing bowl, and added some mustard in it. Then he added the celery and mashed it all together with a fork. Now they had some egg salad. Zebra put some on two plates and they sat at the table and ate it.

After they finished eating, they cleaned up the dishes. Then Tiger thanked Zebra and said he was ready to go. Zebra said goodbye to him and Tiger left. When Tiger got home, he took out a book to read. When he was finished reading, he got ready for bed. He brushed his teeth, then laid down. And he closed his eyes, and went to sleep, slowly slowly slowly.




Hello world, I am embarking on a project in which I am writing children’s stories. The main inspiration for me is my three year old niece, who lives far away.