One day Lulu was at home getting ready to go outside. She had a surprise that she wanted to give her friend Sally. Lulu put the surprise in a paper bag. Then Lulu went outside and walked to the bus stop. She was going to take a bus to Sally’s home. When the bus arrived, Lulu got on and found a seat near the back. She put down the paper bag on the seat next to her.

Lulu also had a book with her, and she began to read her book. After a while, Lulu suddenly heard the announcement for the bus stop she needed to go to Sally’s home. Lulu quickly got up and ran out of the bus before the doors on the bus closed. Then Lulu walked to Sally’s home. When Lulu knocked on Sally’s door, Sally opened it. Sally was glad to see Lulu, and knew that Lulu was coming over to bring a surprise. But then Lulu realized that she forgot the paper bag on the bus.

Lulu told Sally that she had to go find it. Then Lulu ran back to the bus stop but the bus had already gone by then. Lulu decided to wait for the next bus. When the next bus arrived, Lulu told this bus driver that she had forgotten something on the bus in front. This bus driver told her that she could ride this bus until they reached the end of the bus route.

Because then this bus will go back to the bus terminal where there is a lost-and-found office. And the bus that had Lulu’s paper bag would go there first. Because the bus driver of that bus would check the bus at the end of driving. And he will take anything forgotten in it, to the lost-and-found office. Lulu sat down in the second bus and kept riding through the whole town, and past all the stops it made.

After a while, the bus was becoming more and more empty. More people were getting off, and fewer people were getting on. Finally, the bus made the last stop, and then was going back to the terminal. When it arrived there, this bus driver told Lulu she could get off. Lulu went to the lost-and-found office and told them that she had forgotten a paper bag on the bus that she was riding before.

The clerk looked on the shelves and found a paper bag just like the one Lulu had described. Lulu was very happy. She took the paper bag, and rode another bus all the way back to Sally’s home. When Lulu got there, she knocked on Sally’s door again. Sally opened it and was glad that Lulu had found the paper bag. Lulu gave it to Sally, and Sally opened it up.

Inside the paper bag was a book. It was one of Lulu’s books, which Sally liked a lot. But Lulu had copied the entire book into a notebook, which was a lot of hard work. Sally liked having the book with Lulu’s handwriting. Then Lulu said it was time to go because it was late. She said goodbye and then Lulu went home.

When Lulu got home, she ate dinner and got ready for bed. She was very tired from riding the bus all the way to the bus terminal, which took a long time. She was very glad that she was able to find the paper bag again, and give Sally the surprise gift. Then Lulu brushed her teeth and laid down. She closed her eyes, and went to sleep, slowly slowly slowly.

Hello world, I am embarking on a project in which I am writing children’s stories. The main inspiration for me is my three year old niece, who lives far away.