One day Lulu and Sally were playing together, and Lulu had an idea. Lulu said, “let’s make puppets out of paper bags.” Sally said, “that’s a great idea.” So Lulu and Sally went to the kitchen and got some small lunch sized paper bags.

They positioned the paper bags upside down on the table, so that the opening of the paper bag was pointing down, and the bottom of the paper bag was pointing up. And then they both drew on two paper bags each, so that there were four paper bags altogether. They drew a flower with a face on the first one. They drew a tree with a face on the second one.

They drew a frog with a face on the third one. And they drew a butterfly with a face on the fourth one. Then they put the paper bag puppets over each of their hands, and Lulu and Sally gave the puppets voices, so that they could talk and tell a story. Then Lulu and Sally decided to go to the park and find their friends to show them the paper bag puppets.

When they got to the park their friends saw them and waved hello. Lulu and Sally each had two paper bag puppets over both their hands, and they used the paper bag puppets to wave back to their friends. Their friends laughed and walked over to ask what was on Lulu’s and Sally’s hands.

Lulu and Sally said, “these are our paper bag puppets; one is a flower, one is a tree, one is a butterfly and one is a frog.” Their friends asked what the paper bag puppets were doing. Lulu and Sally made up a story, that there was a big tree — and Lulu held up the tree paper bag puppet. The big tree was in a large meadow. And there was a small flower — and Lulu held up the flower paper bag puppet.

Then they said a butterfly flew over and sat on the flower — and Sally held the butterfly paper bag next to the flower. When all of a sudden a frog jumped up over the flower and the butterfly — and Sally moved the frog paper bag puppet over the other two paper bag puppets that looked like a flower and butterfly.

Then the friends said, “put the flower puppet inside the butterfly puppet,” and Lulu did that. Then the friends said, “put the butterfly puppet inside the frog puppet, and Sally did that. Then the friends said, “put the frog puppet inside the tree puppet,” and Lulu did that.

Now they could only see one paper bag puppet — the tree. Then Sally finished the story by saying that the frog jumped away, and the butterfly flew away, and just the flower and the tree were left in the meadow. Then Lulu and Sally took the paper bag puppets out, and put the butterfly paper bag puppet inside the flower paper bag puppet, and the frog paper bag puppet inside the tree paper bag puppet.

Then their friends could only see two paper bag puppets — the flower and the tree. Their friends laughed. Then Lulu and Sally gave their friends blank paper bags to make their own puppets at home. And then it was time to leave. Lulu and Sally waved goodbye to their friends and each other. Then Sally went home and Lulu went home.

When Lulu got home, she put her paper bag puppets on the fridge with magnets. Then she got ready for dinner. After eating dinner, Lulu made one more paper bag puppet. She drew a picture of Sally on a paper bag. Then Lulu got ready for bed and brushed her teeth. After that, Lulu laid down and went to sleep, slowly slowly slowly.

Hello world, I am embarking on a project in which I am writing children’s stories. The main inspiration for me is my three year old niece, who lives far away.