New Laundry Soap

3 min readApr 3, 2021

One day Tiger was walking down the street. While he was walking he saw Zebra. He asked Zebra where she was going. Zebra said she was on her way home, to bring her clothes to the laundromat to wash them. Tiger asked if she needed any help. And Zebra said that would be very nice. Tiger went with Zebra to her place, and helped carry some of her clothes to the laundromat.

When they arrived at the laundromat, Zebra saw that she had no more laundry soap. Tiger said he could go to the store and get some for her. Tiger ran to the store, and got some laundry soap, and brought it back. This was a different type of soap than Zebra had used before. On the bottle of soap it was written that this soap was extra light and fluffy.

Zebra put the new soap in a washing machine, but accidentally put too much. Then she put her clothes in the washing machine and turned it on. Now she had to wait for it to finish washing. Tiger said they could go and have some lunch together. Zebra said that would be very nice. They went back to Tiger’s place and he made some sandwiches for them.

After they ate the sandwiches, it was time to go back to the laundromat. They walked to the laundromat, and Zebra put her washed clothes in the dryer. Then they had to wait for the dryer to finish. Tiger suggested that they go to the library and borrow some books. Zebra said that was a good idea.

They went to the library and found some books they wanted to borrow. Then they walked back to the laundromat, and the dryer was finished. Zebra took her clean clothes out of the dryer. But when Zebra tried to put her clothes in her bag, they started floating up. Her clothes floated right up to the ceiling. Tiger and Zebra were surprised.

There was a fan in the laundromat, and it blew the clothes right out of the door which was open. Zebra looked at the bottle of soap and saw something else written. It said to be careful not to use too much of this laundry soap, otherwise it will make the clothes so light and fluffy that they’ll float away. Zebra didn’t know what to do. Her clean clothes were floating away into the sky.

Tiger said he would ask his friend Bird to help. Tiger ran to Bird’s place and told Bird what happened. Bird said that she would fly up and look for Zebra’s clothes. Tiger ran back to Zebra outside the laundromat. Zebra was trying to see where her clothes were floating. But the clothes were getting mixed into the clouds. Bird flew into the clouds and grabbed most of the clothes.

But there was one bedsheet that was still missing. Then Bird saw the bedsheet next to a cloud. But right then an airplane came flying by. And the bedsheet got stuck on the airplane. Bird flew back down and told Zebra and Tiger what happened to the bedsheet. They decided to go to the airport and look for the bedsheet.

They ran to the airport and saw the airplane landing, with the bedsheet stuck on a wing of the plane. Bird was able to fly over and pull the bedsheet off. Then Bird brought the bedsheet back to Zebra. She thanked Bird for helping. Then Zebra called the soap company, and told them she used too much soap, and asked them what to do. They said that if she waits a day, the clothes will stop floating.

Then Zebra had an idea. She said that she and Tiger could wear some of the clothes, and fly around with Bird for the afternoon. Tiger said that sounded fun. They went to Zebra’s place to put the rest of the other clothes away. Then Tiger and Zebra put on two of her jackets, and they both began to float up in the air. They asked Bird to show them around town, from up high in the sky. Bird said she would do that. And Tiger and Zebra began floating up in the air, slowly slowly slowly.




Hello world, I am embarking on a project in which I am writing children’s stories. The main inspiration for me is my three year old niece, who lives far away.