Magic Stamps

4 min readApr 10, 2021


One day Lulu wanted to write a letter to her friend Jimmy. She took out her pen and notebook, and turned to a blank page. She wrote a short letter saying that she enjoys being his friend. Then Lulu tore out that page and folded it. She got an envelope and put the folded paper in the envelope. She closed the envelope and wrote Jimmy’s address on the front of the envelope. But now she needed a stamp.

Lulu went to look for a postage stamp in a drawer. But all the stamps at home were finished. And Lulu decided to go to the post office to buy new stamps. Lulu got ready and put on her shoes and her backpack. She put the envelope in her backpack and went outside. Lulu walked to the post office. When she arrived there, she saw a sign on the door. It said that there were new magic stamps that had just arrived. Lulu thought that sounded interesting.

She stood in line behind a bunch of people. When it was her turn, Lulu went up to the counter. She told the post office worker that she wanted to buy some stamps. The post office worker asked her which type of stamps she wanted. Lulu said she wanted the new magic stamps. The post office worker took out a sheet of stamps and handed that to her. Lulu took it and walked outside.

She looked at the magic stamps, and there was a picture of a unicorn on them. Lulu smiled and took one stamp sticker off the sheet. She put the stamp sticker on the envelope. Then all of a sudden there was a flash of light, and Lulu started spinning around very fast. Then when the spinning stopped Lulu looked around her. She was next to a unicorn. Lulu asked the unicorn where she was now.

The unicorn said that she was now in the magical stamp on the envelope. Lulu was amazed. She looked around again, and now she could see that she was on the stamp. And the envelope had fallen on the ground outside the post office. But Lulu was shrunk down to the small size of a postage stamp. Then Lulu saw somebody’s hand, which looked giant, come near and pick up the envelope.

Somebody had seen the envelope on the ground, and they were nice enough to put it in the delivery box. Lulu was still on the envelope in the stamp. Lulu’s envelope was on a pile of other letters waiting to be mailed. After a while, a postal delivery person came to open the delivery box and took out the letters. They put the letters in a bag, and Lulu was squished against all the other envelopes.

Then the postal delivery person got in a truck and drove around to deliver the letters. They finally drove to Jimmy’s neighborhood. The postal delivery person put the letter Lulu wrote in Jimmy’s family mailbox. Lulu asked the unicorn in the stamp how she could get out of the stamp. And the unicorn said that somebody has to open the envelope. Lulu waited, stuck on the envelope inside the mailbox.

Then she saw the mailbox being opened and a hand reaching to take the letter. It was Jimmy’s mommy. Lulu tried to speak to Jimmy’s mommy, but Jimmy’s mommy could not hear Lulu. Because Lulu was too small, being shrunk on the stamp, and her voice was not loud enough. Jimmy’s mommy brought the envelope inside and put it on the table. Then Lulu saw Jimmy walk up to the table and reach for the envelope.

His hand looked giant to Lulu as he held the envelope. Then Jimmy started to open the envelope. When he opened it all the way, suddenly the envelope started spinning. Then there was a flash of light and Lulu appeared in front of Jimmy. He was surprised and asked Lulu how she appeared there all of a sudden. Lulu told Jimmy about the magic stamp, and how she was on the envelope with the unicorn in the stamp.

Jimmy laughed and said that sounded amazing. He said he wanted to try it, and Lulu said she had more magic stamps. Jimmy quickly wrote a letter to Lulu and put it in an envelope. Then he wrote Lulu’s address on the letter. They went to the post office and Jimmy took a magic stamp sticker and put it on the envelope. Suddenly there was a flash of light, and Lulu saw Jimmy spinning around very fast. In the next moment he disappeared and the envelope he was holding fell to the ground.

Lulu picked up the envelope and looked at the stamp. She could see Jimmy was tiny in it, next to the unicorn. Lulu put the envelope in the delivery box. Then she ran home and looked out the window. After a long while she saw that a postal worker was delivering the mail. Lulu went downstairs and opened the mailbox. She saw the envelope Jimmy had used to write her a letter.

Lulu took the letter upstairs and went into her home. She opened the envelope and all of a sudden it started spinning. There was a flash of light and Jimmy appeared in front of Lulu. She laughed and said she was glad to see Jimmy. He told her it was amazing and that the next day they should both write letters to their friend Sally and surprise her with the magic stamps. Lulu said that sounded fun.

But now Jimmy said he had to go home. Lulu said goodbye to him and he left. Then Lulu’s parents told her to get ready for dinner. Lulu set the table, and then ate dinner with her parents. After dinner, Lulu read one of her books. When she finished reading, she got ready for bed and brushed her teeth. Then she laid down, closed her eyes, and went to sleep, slowly slowly slowly.




Hello world, I am embarking on a project in which I am writing children’s stories. The main inspiration for me is my three year old niece, who lives far away.