Lulu dreams about gorillas

One evening Lulu was reading a book about gorillas. She read about how they can easily climb up tall trees. Then Lulu imagined that she met a giant gorilla outside her building. And this giant gorilla was friendly, and let Lulu sit on his shoulders.

Then Lulu asked the giant gorilla to climb up to the top of her building so that she could see across the city from there. The giant gorilla carefully climbed up to the roof, and Lulu was sitting on his shoulders, looking across the city. And she could see different places far away.

She saw the library in the distance, and wanted to go there. Lulu asked the gorilla if they could go to the library together. The gorilla said yes, and it began to jump from rooftop to rooftop of each building, with Lulu sitting on his shoulders. Lulu was holding on very tightly so that she didn’t fall off.

She was very high up in the sky, and the gorilla was very strong and able to jump very far from building to building. Then after a few minutes, the giant gorilla reached the roof of the library. And the giant gorilla climbed down to the street, and Lulu got off his shoulders and stood on the ground.

Then they went inside the library. Lulu said hello to the librarian, and the librarian asked Lulu who was with her today. Lulu said that it was a friendly giant gorilla, who let her sit on her shoulders and jump from building to building on the rooftops until they reached the library.

The librarian smiled and said that it was very nice to meet the giant gorilla. Then Lulu and the gorilla went into the children’s section to look for some books to borrow. Lulu looked around for books that would be interesting to read. She found three books. The first book was about trains.

The second book was about planes. And the third book was about ships. Then Lulu was ready to go back home, and she looked around but couldn’t see the giant gorilla. Lulu went to the librarian and asked if she had seen where the gorilla had gone. But the librarian didn’t know.

Lulu and the librarian walked around inside the library, and they found the gorilla sitting down and reading a book about sign language. The librarian said he could borrow the book, and the gorilla smiled and said thank you. Then Lulu and the gorilla packed up the books, and Lulu once again sat on top of the gorilla’s shoulders.

And the gorilla climbed up to the roof of the library again. Then Lulu asked the gorilla to take them back to her apartment building. The gorilla jumped from the roof of the library to the roof of the next building, and continued to jump from rooftop to rooftop until it reached Lulu’s apartment building.

Then it climbed down to the ground outside Lulu’s building, and Lulu said goodbye to the gorilla. The gorilla said that it would come back after it finished reading the book. And they could go back to the library together to return all the books. Lulu agreed and waved as the gorilla left.

Lulu imagined all of this as she finished reading the book about gorillas. And then she thought she would be able to dream about the gorilla some more as she slept. And then Lulu got ready for bed, and brushed her teeth. Afterwards, she laid down, and went to sleep, slowly slowly slowly.

Hello world, I am embarking on a project in which I am writing children’s stories. The main inspiration for me is my three year old niece, who lives far away.