Lulu And The Treehouse

3 min readApr 18, 2021


One day Lulu was at home reading a book. In her book she read that some kids had made a treehouse. Lulu thought that was very clever. And she wanted to try it out. Lulu called her friend Jimmy and asked if she could come over. Jimmy said that was fine. And Lulu got ready and put on her shoes. She put the book in her backpack. Lulu took out her bicycle and rode to Jimmy’s place.

On her way there she looked around to see where would be a good place for a treehouse. When she arrived at Jimmy’s place he invited her in. Lulu showed Jimmy the book she was reading, and told him how there was a treehouse in the story. She wanted Jimmy to help her make a treehouse. But she didn’t know of a good spot to make one. Jimmy said he had a good idea of where they could go.

Jimmy took out his bicycle and he told Lulu to follow him. Jimmy and Lulu rode their bicycles far down the street in the neighborhood. At the end of the street there was a big park. And people would go running on the jogging path through the park. On one side of the park were some large trees with big branches.

Jimmy pointed at those trees and asked Lulu what she thought. Lulu said it looked like a great spot. Then Lulu and Jimmy went to the hardware store to buy some wooden boards. They also needed a hammer and nails. And they also needed a ladder. Jimmy said there was a ladder at home and they could go get it.

Jimmy and Lulu left and after a while they came back with a hammer and nails, and the ladder. Lulu said they first had to put some small boards on the tree trunk from the ground to the branches. That way they could climb up the small boards like walking up steps. They used the hammer and nails to make some steps from the small boards.

The treehouse in the story from Lulu’s book only had one room. And that’s what she and Jimmy were making. Jimmy climbed up the ladder and held a wooden board in place. Lulu went up the wooden steps and she hammered the board Jimmy was holding onto the branches. That became the floor of the treehouse.

Then they hammered some more wooden boards to be the walls of the treehouse. Lastly, they put a wooden board on top of the walls to make the roof. Now their treehouse was finished. But they needed to cut out some holes for windows. Lulu cut some squares into the walls so that they could see outside.

Then Lulu cut a small opening as the doorway. Jimmy went inside the treehouse and said it looked very nice. Lulu also liked it very much. Then they heard a loud sound, and they saw the sky getting darker. Suddenly there were rain clouds that were in the sky. And a thunderstorm started. Heavy rain started falling down from the clouds.

A bunch of people were running by and they were getting wet from the heavy rain. Then the people saw the treehouse with Lulu and Jimmy in it. The people asked Lulu and Jimmy if they could come up and wait in the treehouse to stay dry. Lulu and Jimmy said yes, and let the people come in.

All those people were so glad that Lulu and Jimmy made the treehouse. Lulu and Jimmy were also happy that they could help. Then the rain stopped, and everybody went out of the treehouse, and climbed back down to the ground. Jimmy and Lulu were ready to go back. Lulu helped Jimmy bring the ladder back to his place.

Then she said goodbye to him, and left. She bicycled home, and got ready for dinner. After eating dinner with her parents, Lulu took out her notebook. She drew a picture of the treehouse, and put that on the refrigerator. Then she got ready for bed and brushed her teeth. And she laid down, closed her eyes, and went to sleep, slowly slowly slowly.




Hello world, I am embarking on a project in which I am writing children’s stories. The main inspiration for me is my three year old niece, who lives far away.