Lulu And The Blender

4 min readApr 7, 2021


One afternoon Lulu was at home reading one of her books. The phone rang and Lulu answered it. Jimmy was calling, and he told Lulu that his parents got a new blender. Jimmy wanted to make something with it, and asked Lulu to join him. Lulu said that sounded nice, and got ready. Lulu put on her shoes, and her backpack.

Then she got her bicycle and went outside. She started riding her bicycle to Jimmy’s place. On her way to Jimmy’s place, Lulu saw a farmer’s stand that was selling different types of fruit and vegetables. When Lulu arrived at Jimmy’s place, she knocked on the door. Jimmy opened the door and invited Lulu in. They went inside and walked to the kitchen.

Jimmy showed Lulu the new blender and wondered what they should make. Lulu said she read that people can mix two things together to try and make a spread to put on toast. Jimmy opened the refrigerator and looked in it. But there weren’t many things to put in the blender. Then Lulu told Jimmy about the farmer’s stand nearby. And that they could go get some things there. Jimmy said that sounded like a good idea.

They left Jimmy’s place and walked to the farmer’s stand. Lulu picked out some apples, pears, and peaches. Jimmy picked out some carrots, peas, and cucumber. Then they brought that all back to Jimmy’s place. Lulu got some bread from the kitchen and put a slice on a place. Then she cut that slice into four small square pieces. Jimmy and Lulu wondered what to try mixing first.

Lulu suggested apple and carrot. They put a little bit of each into the blender and Jimmy turned it on. The blender chopped and mixed the apple and carrot into a smooth paste. Jimmy turned the blender off. He poured the mixture into a cup. And Lulu spread some onto the first small square piece of bread. Then they rinsed the blender and tried another two ingredients.

Jimmy put a piece of pear and some peas into the blender. Lulu turned on the blender and it made a smooth paste. She poured that mixture into a cup. Jimmy spread some onto the second small square piece of bread. They rinsed the blender and Jimmy put a piece of peach and a piece of cucumber in it. He used the blender to make a smooth paste. And he poured that mixture into another cup and rinsed the blender.

Lulu spread the pear and peas mixture onto a third square piece of bread. Then Lulu chose to put a piece of peach and carrot into the blender. She turned on the blender to make a smooth paste, then turned off the blender. She poured that into another cup. And Jimmy spread that onto a fourth square piece of bread. Now they had four pieces of bread with different mixtures spread on each.

They put the four pieces on a plate and brought it to Jimmy’s dad. Lulu and Jimmy asked his dad to try each piece to see which he liked the most. Jimmy’s dad tried the first piece of bread, and they asked him to guess what was on it. Jimmy’s dad had no idea, and they said it was apple and carrot. He said he liked that one. Then he tried the second piece of bread, and they asked him to guess what was in the mixture.

Again, he had no idea. They told him it was pear and peas, He said he didn’t like that one. Then he tried the third piece of bread. They asked if he knew what was on it. He didn’t know what it could be and they said it was peach and cucumber. He told them he didn’t like that one either. Then he tried the fourth piece of bread. He couldn’t guess what was spread on it, and they told him it was peach and carrot. He said he didn’t like that one.

Now Lulu and Jimmy knew which combination they tried was the best. It was apple with carrot. Lulu decided to make some more to bring home with her. Jimmy put some apple pieces and carrot pieces in the blender. He used the blender to make it into a smooth paste. Then he poured that into a container and put a lid on it. He gave that to Lulu and she thanked him.

Then Lulu said she was going to go home and share it with her parents. Jimmy said goodbye and Lulu left. When Lulu arrived at home she told her parents that she had a surprise for them from Jimmy’s place. She said that Jimmy and her used a blender to mix two ingredients into a smooth paste to spread on a piece of bread. She wanted her parents to try it and see if they could guess what was in it.

Lulu took out a slice of bread and cut it in two pieces. Then she spread the mixture on it. Her parents both tried a bite. Then Lulu asked them what they thought. Her mommy said she could taste some apple in it. And her daddy said he could taste some carrot in it. Lulu told them they were both right. It was a mixture of apple and carrot.

Lulu’s parents said they could have some more of it in the morning, because now it was time for dinner. Lulu sat down and enjoyed dinner with her parents. After dinner she helped clean up the dishes. Then she sat down and drew a picture of her and Jimmy mixing different ingredients into the blender. And she put that drawing on the refrigerator. Then she got ready for bed and brushed her teeth. Finally she laid down, closed her eyes, and went to sleep, slowly slowly slowly.




Hello world, I am embarking on a project in which I am writing children’s stories. The main inspiration for me is my three year old niece, who lives far away.