One day Kenny koala was walking through the forest when he saw a frog. The frog was jumping around, and Kenny koala wanted to see where the frog would go. Kenny koala followed the frog, as the frog jumped around the forest. The frog jumped all the way to a river and jumped onto some rocks in the river and went to the other side of the river.

Kenny koala also jumped onto the rocks in the river and was able to cross the river. Then the frog finally jumped to a small lake, and sat on some leaves floating in the water. Kenny koala was finished with following the frog, because the frog stopped jumping around.

But now Kenny koala didn’t know exactly how to go back. Kenny koala started walking all around the small lake, looking for the right way back. After a while, Kenny koala found the river and remembered that he had jumped across some rocks. Kenny koala walked up and down the side of the river looking for where those rocks were.

Kenny koala found those rocks and jumped across the river. But then it took a long time for Kenny koala to find his way back, and he got lost a lot along the way. Kenny koala decided that the next time he would go wandering around, he would bring little pieces of string with him and use it to tie to trees as he walks somewhere new, so that he could easily find his way back by looking for the pieces of string.

The next day, Kenny koala saw a squirrel, and the squirrel was running around, and Kenny koala wanted to see where the squirrel would go. Kenny koala followed the squirrel as the squirrel ran around the forest. But this time every few minutes, Kenny koala tied a small piece of string to a tree or bush. And by doing this, when he looked back, he could see which way he had come.

The squirrel ran through the forest, and under a big bush, and Kenny koala kept tying small pieces of string on branches of trees and on the bushes. ANd he knew that he would not get lost later on. Finally the squirrel ran up a big tall tree and stayed there. Now Kenny koala couldn’t see the squirrel anymore.

Then Kenny koala was ready to go back, and all he had to do this time was look around for where he had tied a piece of string. He found the one closest to him, and walked to it. Then he looked around for the next piece of string and saw it, and walked to it. When he reached that piece of string, he looked for the next one.

Kenny koala kept doing this until he was able to easily find his way back, following the trail of strings tied to the trees. Finally, Kenny koala made it all the way back home. He was very tired, so he laid down to take a nap, And went to sleep, slowly slowly slowly.

Hello world, I am embarking on a project in which I am writing children’s stories. The main inspiration for me is my three year old niece, who lives far away.