Feet That Can Find

4 min readMay 6, 2021


One day Lulu needed to return some books to the library. She picked them up off the table and put them in her backpack. But there was one book missing. She thought she had put it on the table with the other books, but it wasn’t there. Lulu looked around to see where she could find it. It was the last book she was reading the day before. And she was trying to remember where she was when she read it.

She went to the bedroom and looked on the bed, but it wasn’t there. Then she felt her foot bump something under the bed. She looked down under the bed and saw the book there. Then she remembered reading it the night before. And she forgot that it had fallen under the bed. She picked it up and put it in her backpack. Then she got ready to go to the library. She put on her shoes and went outside.

She walked to the bus stop and waited for a bus. Soon a bus came and Lulu got on the bus. She saw an empty seat and sat down. After a while, the bus was approaching the library. The person sitting next to Lulu got up and went near the door. When the bus stopped, the person got out. And Lulu stood up to get off the bus. But when she stood up, Lulu felt her foot bump something under the seat next to her.

She looked down and saw a book on the floor. It had a library sticker on it. Lulu thought the person sitting next to her forgot the book there. Lulu picked up that book and got off the bus. She walked from the bus stop to the library and went in. Lulu went and stood in line to return her books to the librarian. And then Lulu saw the person who had been sitting next to her on the bus before.

They were now talking to the librarian. Lulu heard the person telling the librarian that they accidentally left the library book on the bus. Then Lulu stepped forward and said that she had been sitting next to the person on the bus. And that she found their borrowed book on the floor of the bus. The person thanked Lulu and took the book from Lulu and returned it.

And Lulu also returned the books she had brought back to the library. Then Lulu walked around the library to look for more books. While she was walking around, she saw her friend Jimmy and said hello. He was finishing at the library and invited Lulu to go with him to the playground. Lulu said that sounded nice and they left the library. They walked to the park and when they arrived they put their backpacks on a bench.

Then they went to the swings to swing together. While they were swinging they saw a group of kids walking around. The kids came up to Jimmy and Lulu and asked if they had seen a red ball. The group of kids had been playing with it nearby, and it was kicked far this way. But now they couldn’t find it. Lulu and Jimmy said they hadn’t seen a red ball, but that they’ll keep their eyes open for it.

The group of kids thanked Jimmy and Lulu, then walked away. Now Jimmy and Lulu went over to the slide. Lulu went down the slide first. When she reached the bottom Jimmy asked her to stand to the side and give him a high-five when he slid down. Lulu stood next to the slide, and gave Jimmy’s hand a high-five with her hand, when he slid down to the bottom of the slide.

Then Lulu felt her foot bump something under the slide. She bent down and looked under the slide, and saw that a red ball had rolled under there. She told Jimmy what she saw, and Jimmy went to tell the group of kids that Lulu found their red ball. They came over and thanked her. Then they asked Lulu and Jimmy to join them and play kicking the ball.

Lulu and Jimmy played with the other kids for a while. Then it was time to go home and Lulu told Jimmy she was leaving. She said goodbye and walked home. When Lulu arrived at home, she put her backpack away. Then she got ready for dinner. Lulu’s mommy asked Lulu if she had seen mommy’s purse. Because mommy couldn’t find it. Lulu walked around looking for it.

Then when Lulu was standing next to the couch, her foot bumped something under the couch. Lulu looked under the couch and found mommy’s purse. All day Lulu had found something by bumping into it with her feet. Lulu ate dinner with her parents, and then helped clean up. After dinner, Lulu drew a picture of the book, the ball, and the purse. And she drew a picture of her feet with eyes on them.

Lulu thought that today her feet could see things that were hidden from view. Then Lulu got ready for bed, and brushed her teeth. When she went to lay down, she felt something by her feet again. She looked under the blanket and saw her stuffed toy unicorn. Lulu laughed and picked it up. Then she closed her eyes, and went to sleep, slowly slowly slowly.




Hello world, I am embarking on a project in which I am writing children’s stories. The main inspiration for me is my three year old niece, who lives far away.