Visiting a Statue

4 min readApr 23, 2021


One day Tiger and Zebra decided to visit New York City. They were going to visit their friend Pigeon. Tiger and Zebra went to the airport and got on a plane. They were excited to go on this trip. They put on their seatbelts and the airplane started flying. The airplane went higher and higher in the sky. And they were sitting near the window of the airplane and could see their neighborhood looking smaller and smaller.

Zebra said that the airplane reminded her of a big bus, with many seats. Tiger said that the pilot of the airplane remind him of a bus driver on a bus. Then the pilot made an announcement, that the flight attendant would be coming by with some snacks and drinks. Tiger and Zebra waited their turn, and then the flight attendant pushed a cart near them.

Tiger and Zebra both got a sandwich, and a bottle of water. They ate their sandwiches and drank their water, as they talked about what they would do in New York City. Tiger used his camera to take a photo of the two of them sitting in the airplane. After a while, the pilot announced that the airplane would be landing soon, and that they were flying over New York City now.

Zebra and Tiger looked out the window and saw a lot of tall buildings. It all looked amazing. Tiger used his camera to take some photos from the window of the airplane. Then the airplane landed and all the passengers picked up their bags and got off the airplane. Tiger and Zebra walked to the subway, and they waited for a train. When the train came, they rode it to the ferry terminal.

They got out of the subway and walked to the ferry. They wanted to visit the Statue of Liberty. They bought some tickets for the ferry. Then they waited in line and got on the ferry. They rode the ferry to the island where the Statue of Liberty was standing. It was a very big statue, and as tall as some buildings.

There were stairs inside it and visitors could walk up the stairs all the way to the top of the head on the statue. Zebra and Tiger decided to walk up to the top of the statue’s head. They walked up the stairs, and it took a long time because there were many many stairs to the top.

When they reached the top, they could stand by the windows and see all around outside the statue. Tiger got his camera out of his bag, and took some photos. Then he leaned out the the window to take some more photos. Just at that moment Tiger sneezed, and he dropped his camera. The camera fell down out of the window, and landed on the left hand of the statue.

There was no way for Tiger to get his camera back. He told Zebra and she looked out the window. She could see where the camera was, and had no idea how to get it back. Tiger was sad that he dropped his camera, because there were other photos on it that he wanted to keep. Then Zebra said that maybe their friend Pigeon could help. Tiger said that was a good idea.

They went back down all the stairs until they were back on the ground. Then they rode the ferry back to the ferry terminal. And they went to the subway station and rode a train to Pigeon’s place. When they arrived, Pigeon was glad to see them. Tiger and Zebra told Pigeon about the camera that Tiger dropped from the top of the Statue of Liberty.

They asked Pigeon if she could help them get the camera back. Pigeon said yes, and had an idea. She had a fishing pole and said she could use that to get the camera back. Tiger said he thought that was great. Then Pigeon, Tiger, and Zebra all left Pigeon’s place. They rode the subway to the ferry terminal. And the three of them rode the ferry to the Statue of Liberty.

Then they walked up all the stairs until they were at the top of the statue’s head. And Pigeon put her fishing pole out of the window and lowered the hook all the way to where the camera had fallen. And Pigeon was able to grab the camera with the fishing hook.

Pigeon carefully pulled the camera up and brought it in through the window. And Pigeon gave the camera back to Tiger. Tiger was very happy to get his camera back. He took a photo of the three of them together. Then they were ready to go back to Pigeon’s place and have dinner.

On the way to Pigeon’s place they stopped at a store and picked up a frozen pizza. Then when they reached Pigeon’s home, they put the pizza in the oven. And they turned the oven on and talked and looked at Tiger’s photos, while the oven heated up the pizza, slowly slowly slowly.




Hello world, I am embarking on a project in which I am writing children’s stories. The main inspiration for me is my three year old niece, who lives far away.