A Helicopter Ride

4 min readMar 21, 2021

One day Lulu and her mommy were getting ready to go on a hike. She wanted to invite her friend Sally. And Lulu called Sally and asked her to come along. Sally said that sounded very nice. Lulu and her mommy put on their shoes and their jackets, and went outside. They got in the car, and Lulu’s mommy drove to Sally’s place. They knocked on Sally’s door and her dad opened it.

Sally’s dad invited them in and said Sally was making a sandwich to bring along. Lulu and her mommy said that was a good idea, because they only packed some mixed nuts to share. Sally said they could make some sandwiches with her. Lulu told her mommy she would make two for them. Sally handed Lulu the bread, and Lulu took out two slices. Sally handed Lulu a jar of peanut butter.

Lulu opened it and used a knife to spread some peanut butter on a slice of bread. Then Sally handed Lulu a jar of strawberry jam. Lulu opened that and she used a knife to spread jam on the other slice of bread. Then Lulu put the two slices of bread together and her sandwich was done. Sally handed Lulu a ziplock bag and Lulu put the sandwich in the ziplock bag.

Lulu made a second sandwich for her mommy. Then Lulu made a third sandwich, just in case. They packed up their sandwiches, and left Sally’s place. They got in the car and Lulu’s mommy drove to the start of the hike. She parked the car and they got out and put on their backpacks. They started hiking through the forest, and it was very peaceful. Along the way, they came to a small river.

And there was a wooden bridge that went across the river. And a little distance away in the river was a big rock and part of it was out of the water. Lulu said they should each pick a leaf, and throw it off the bridge into the river, and see which leaf goes to the big rock first. Sally picked a round leaf. Lulu picked a pointy leaf. And mommy picked a long leaf. They stood at the middle of the bridge and threw their leaves into the river.

Sally’s round leaf was moving fast, and Lulu’s pointy leaf was right behind it. Then mommy’s pointy leaf bumped into the first and second leaf, and they all stuck together. And the leaves flowed down the river, and reached the big rock at the same time. They all laughed and kept walking across the bridge. After they hiked some more, they stopped to take a break.

They drank some water, and ate their sandwiches and the mixed nuts. Then they kept hiking, and after a while there was a steep slope down on the side of the path. And they heard a noise. They looked around and couldn’t see where the sound was coming from. Then they heard it again and it sounded like a voice was coming from down the slope.

It was another hiker, and he had fallen down and twisted his foot. Lulu’s mommy carefully went down the slope and helped him back onto the path. He had dropped his phone when he fell and didn’t know where it was. Lulu’s mommy took out her phone and called the forest ranger to come and help. Lulu, her mommy, and Sally waited with the hiker until the forest ranger came.

The hiker had been there many hours and was thirsty and hungry. Lulu’s mommy gave him some water. And Lulu gave him the extra sandwich she had made. After a while a forest ranger came hiking up the path and found them waiting together. The forest ranger could see that the hiker’s foot was badly hurt, and he couldn’t walk back.

And the forest ranger called for a helicopter to come and pick them up. It would bring them to the parking lot, where an ambulance would be waiting. The hiker thanked the forest ranger. After a while, they could hear a helicopter flying above them. The helicopter could not land on the trail because of the many trees. Instead, the helicopter lowered a giant basket on a long rope.

And the forest ranger helped everybody get in the basket. The hiker, Lulu, her mommy, Sally, and the ranger all sat in the giant basket. The helicopter lifted it up and flew it above the trees to the parking lot. The helicopter lowered them to the ground at the parking lot, and they all got out. There was an ambulance there and the ambulance workers put the hiker in it, and drove to the hospital.

Lulu and her mommy and Sally were ready to go home. Lulu was glad that she made an extra sandwich to share with the hurt hiker. Then they got in the car, and Lulu’s mommy started driving back. Sally and Lulu were sitting in the back seats, and they closed their eyes, and went to sleep, slowly slowly slowly.




Hello world, I am embarking on a project in which I am writing children’s stories. The main inspiration for me is my three year old niece, who lives far away.